If you have a sacramental emergency (someone is near death or has just passed away), the priests at St. Peter’s are available to assist you and your loved ones. We are the first priests to contact within the parish boundaries of St. Peter’s (downtown Richmond near the capitol and VCU Medical Center), St. Patrick’s (Church Hill), and St. John’s (Highland Springs).

The number to reach us for sacramental emergencies is



For life/death situations, this number is available 24/7.

If time is not of the essence, you may still call this number during regular business hours (9 am-6 pm) to request the sacraments (usually Penance/Confession, Anointing of the Sick, and/or Holy Communion) for those who may be ill, injured, homebound, etc. When calling, please be prepared to indicate the level of urgency.

If you need assistance in other parts of Richmond, you should first try to reach the Catholic Church nearest to your location. Most indicate their emergency number on their website.

May God’s peace be with you, especially during difficult times.

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