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Throughout our lives we give of ourselves in so many ways. We support the Faith and our local parishes, and pass on our faith to the next generation.

As a member of the parish, you can leave a lasting legacy to the community. Recent gifts have enabled us to provide support for our social ministry efforts and the maintenance and restoration of various elements of the interior of the Church

The Pro-Cathedral of Saint Peter chapter of the Lumen Christi Legacy Society encourages and assists legacy giving by our parishioners to support the long-term financial future of the parish. We also wish to be a source of end-of-life resources for our members in keeping with the faith and the teachings of the Church.

We invite you to speak with us, join with fellow parishioners as a part of the Lumen Christi Legacy Society and learn more about legacy giving to your parish.

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Types of Giving

A legacy gift can take many forms and can be of great benefit in helping fulfill your personal financial objectives.

Gift from a Will or a Living Trust

A gift from a will or a living trust are two of the most common ways to create a legacy gift for the benefit of the parish. A bequest may include cash, specific property, or a share of the estate.

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets

Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds directly to our parish can significantly increase your tax deduction and the amount of income our parish receives.

Gifts from you Retirement Plan

Gifts of retirement assets are another simple way to leave a gift by naming our parish as a beneficiary of a percentage, or the full amount of your individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401k, or other qualified retirement plan.

Gifts of Life Insurance

There are many ways in which life insurance policies can be used to make a contribution, all of which provide tax deductions and the opportunity to make a more substantial gift than otherwise possible. It is easy to name the parish of Saint John as the beneficiary of a policy or transfer ownership of a paid-up policy to our parish.

Gifts of Real Estate

Our parish may be named as beneficiary or co-beneficiary to almost any type of personal property or real estate.

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